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We are the Tiptons Sax Quartet & Drums, and we've been around for decades. But for the first time ever we are offering all of our fans around the world an opportunity to get all of our new releases, keep up on touring news, and get special bonus stuff that the normal, non-subscribers can only dream about!

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      We are at this VERY moment on tour in Europe, play... May 9, 2016
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    And as a special bonus, each month a different Tipton will release one of their recordings from a (non-Tiptons) solo project.
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Tiptons Sax Quartet & Drums
Seattle, Washington
Based in New York, Seattle, and Eau Claire, the Tiptons perform original compositions and arrangements of world music on saxes, clarinet, voices and drums/percussion. With music that covers musical territory from New Orleans “second – line” to jazz, Afro-Cuban to Balkan, Klezmer and beyond, the Tiptons create some of the wildest sounds ever to come out of a sax quartet..

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