tiny lower case

by Tiptons Sax Quartet & Drums



Recorded by Carlo Cantini at Digitube Studio, Mantova, Italy 3/2013
Mixed by Mell Dettmer at Studio Soli, Seattle, WA 4/2013
Mastered by Dieter Pimiskern at Dorian Gray Studios, Eichenau, Germany
Cover art and design by Jessica Lurie with layout assistance from Daniel Zezelj

Special thanks to all who supported our Indiegogo fundraising campaign, Peppe Voltarelli for his wonderful voice, Samantha Wilson for supplying the printing press type, The Lurie Family, Meet The Composer and 4Culture.
Funded in part through New Music USA's MetLife Creative Connections program.

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released March 8, 2014

Amy Denio: alto sax, clarinet, voice
Jessica Lurie: alto sax, tenor sax, voice
Sue Orfield: tenor sax, voice
Tina Richerson: baritone sax, voice
Robert Kainar: drums and percussion

with special guest Peppe Voltarelli: voice on 'Amara Terra Mia' and 'All Good Things'



all rights reserved


Tiptons Sax Quartet & Drums Seattle, Washington

Based in New York, Seattle, and Eau Claire, the Tiptons perform original compositions and arrangements of world music on saxes, clarinet, voices and drums/percussion. With music that covers musical territory from New Orleans “second – line” to jazz, Afro-Cuban to Balkan, Klezmer and beyond, the Tiptons create some of the wildest sounds ever to come out of a sax quartet.. ... more

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Track Name: Amara Terra Mia
Sole alla valle, sole alla collina,
per le campagne non c'è più nessuno
Addio, addio amore, io vado via
amara terra mia, amara e bella

Cieli infiniti e volti come pietra
mani incallite ormai senza speranza
Addio, addio amore, io vado via
amara terra mia, amara e bella...

Tra gli uliveti è nata già la luna
Un bimbo piange allatta un seno magro
Addio, addio amore, io vado via
amara terra mia, amara e bella

English Translation
Sun in the valley, sun in the hills
No one is left in the countryside
Goodbye, goodbye my love, I'm going away
My bitter earth, bitter and beautiful

Infinite heavens and expressions like stone
Calloused hands already without hope
Goodbye, goodbye my love, I'm going away
My bitter earth, bitter and beautiful

The moon is already born in the branches of the olive trees
(it's late now)
A baby cries, nursing from a withered breast
Goodbye, goodbye my love, I'm going away
My bitter earth, bitter and beautiful
Track Name: Humans in Tiny Lower Case
Shimmy shammy contra-blammy
Sammy had one in pyjamis
Got a little shiner when he haggled with a shriner
Shaker baker, oh go make her
Quaker undertaker
When he jumps, he is a Laker
oh lord, please don't forsake her!

Skipping ripping maybe take a sip
and let the swallow fill the hollow
Gorgeous glow to follow
Satan was sated, I waited for fate then
Fate don't show your face, peace can't keep the pace
Silly human race, but still holier than thou ~

Tiny lower case, silly little humans!

Why don't we darn our souls to make them whole again?
Why don't we just thread a needle, patch our souls and make amends?

Uh oh!
Track Name: And There I Thought
Music by Amy Denio
Words by Jessica Lurie & Amy Denio

Her love, he was a sailor - took boats up north and towards the equator
She would come with him sometimes ~ traveller adventurer
Her love at sea now, her | belly grows ~ til he comes | home

He put his hand on her belly and said ~ keep this safe for me, keep your self safe
she went ashore and then the phone | rang ~
And then he was gone (keep yourself safe) and he was gone ~~~~

And there I thought all I had to worry about was the rain

In the eyes of a child ~ sun sea wind and shadows play
click and clack ~ the train comes back ~ the boy grows into a | sailor
Track Name: Bronty
A child of God with potential untold
she comes to earth with a mission to unfold.
Marks on her face which will bring her disgrace
from the kids on the playground who laugh at her face.
Mom and Dad give refuge from the pain
caused by the judgements for not looking just the same.
They bring her to a doctor with tenderness and care
who takes away those marks, as if they weren't there.
The ridicule, the madness, the unforgiven glare
this all now avoided to make her life fair.
Because we seem different, sometimes we cannot see
and the pain left in side us is from our society.
To see who we are please shun the disguise
see the spirit in the body, the soul through the eyes.
For we are all special, created with love
we all have our markings given from above.
My sex is a birthmark my preference is not picked
I didn't come here to get ridiculed and kicked.
I will stand up and be the best that I can be
accept me as I am and don't give me therapy.
For the thing I did not choose, I cannot change if I'm queer.
God made me this way though the purpose is not clear.
We are all like Bronty, perfect from the start
with God given markings to set us apart.
If I am not like you, and you are not like me,
the difference between us is only what you see.
Find out who you are and then you'll know me for we are all made from the same family.
Track Name: All Good Things
All good things come in threes
see your fortune in the coffee cream or in the tea cup
it's the seven year itch for the cat times nine
if they're black cross your path ~ and your break out in a sweat the sky will
Fall on your henny penny head
Knock on wood, test the wind, break a leg and say a prayer
Rabbit foot horseshoe, wishing on the first star mind the
Ladders and the cracks, everything thirteen
in the mouth of the wolf, and we hope he bites
In culo alla balena speriamo che non caga!

"Cingulu cingulu ja 'ppè via
....l'occhi rossi lu viria
si nun era 'ppè gamme torte....
Cingulu cingulu era morto...."
Track Name: Earth Slows Down
Earth slows down in winter
Gravestones frozen solid
Winter enters all corners; the winds in her arms, tucking in her arms

Moon and the earth are slowly drifting away from each other
The soul will expand in its change from life to color, full color

Earth slows down in winter
Gravestones frozen solid
Waiting for the last breath, the change
Frees the soul, the soul at last